grunt gallery & Kay Slater Present New Series of Workshops on Non-Auditory Accessibility

PAARC is pleased to be a community partner in a new series of community workshops on captioning, transcription and non-auditory access.

grunt gallery and Kay Slater are presenting a series of FREE, online workshops designed to help arts organizations, artists and community creators take a tangible first step towards building accessibility into their practices. The last year of working and gathering primarily online has brought into wider view an understanding that many in the disability arts community have always understood and advocated for: we need more skilled people creating video and digital content that is accessible to non-auditory audiences.

By outlining best practices (and identifying the pros and cons of available auto-generated captioning services), and inviting participants to learn the basics of captioning and transcription for live and pre-recorded material, we invest in a baseline standard for access as well as a shared and shareable knowledge base.

You can learn more about this workshop series and the full spring schedule on the grunt gallery website.

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