The Pacific Association of Artist Run Centres (PAARC) is pleased to present the fourth consecutive SWARM event, now expanded to a three night celebration of artist-run culture. Past SWARM events have brought out crowds of thousands to see the latest offerings from Vancouver's Artist Run Centres and small contemporary art spaces.

Artist Run Centres (ARCs) are non-profit organizations, run by and for artists, that support new and innovative practices in the arts.With a rich history that spans over thirty years, the ARCs locally and nationally have had an impact on the cultural ecology in Canada that cannot be underestimated. Generally, these centres exhibit contemporary art which parallels the larger public institutions and private commercial galleries - offering an alternative to artists in determining how to represent their work. Most of Canada's best known and internationally recognized contemporary artists, curators and cultural practitioners have come out of the artist-run centre movement.


Mt. Pleasant
September 4, 2003

grunt gallery [Opening at 8PM]
Video In [Opening at 9PM]
Western Front [Opening at 8PM]
Aion [Opening at 8PM]
Anti Social [Opening at 8PM]
Dadabase/Xeno Gallery [Opening at 8PM]
Butchershop Gallery [Opening at 8PM]

September 5, 2003

Access [Opening at 7PM]
Gallery Gachet [7-10PM]
Interurban [6-10PM]
Bfly [5-9PM]
Artspeak [Opening at 8PM]
Iron Works Studio [Opening at 7PM]
Blakes [7-10PM]
Dynamo Arts Association

September 6, 2003

Or Gallery [Opening at 6PM]
Centre A [7-10PM]
Onepointsix Gallery [Opening at 6PM]
The Helen Pitt Gallery [Opening at 7:30PM]
Belkin Satellite [8-10
Video In Off-site project [9-11PM]

Download a PDF map for this evening
Download a PDF map for this evening
Download a PDF map for this evening