Sector Equity for Anti-Racism in the Arts (SEARA)

The Sector Equity for Anti-Racism in the Arts (SEARA) was created by PAARC, BC Arts Service Organizations, and other sector leaders to call for mutual aid and accountability in the arts. To simultaneously provide COVID-19 support and point to the inadequacies of current arts-funding models, SEARA looks to galvanize sectoral efforts and deliver $500K-$1M to BC-based BIPOC Artists currently facing financial hardship. SEARA put out a grant fund of $270,000 for BC-based BIPOC artists in January of 2021. The steering committee of SEARA is majority BIPOC led and plans to continue the work in further projects.


ArcPost is an online platform developed by PAARC to disseminate research, information, and resources linked to local and international artist-run culture. The site features articles, historical profiles of BC artist-run centres, a directory of international artist-run organizations, a research bibliography, commissioned artworks, and audio-visual documentation of the Institutions by Artists Conference. As a research platform, ArcPost aims to contribute to the ideas surrounding, and histories of, artist-run centres and initiatives both locally and around the globe, and advocate for BC artists and artist-run organizations.

Repertoire of BC ARCs’ Publications

The Repertoire of BC ARCs’ Publications indexes print publications produced by BC ARCs since 1967. Since the inception of the first artist-run centre in BC (Intermedia in 1967) the artist-run community has fostered the creation of a large archive of publications, print ephemera, audiovisual recordings as well as organizational and institutional records. This collective archive documents the rich contributions that BC artist-run centres have made (and continue to make) to the province’s cultural ecology.


Pacific Association of Artist-run Centres (PAARC) is delighted to announce new artworks commissioned as part of the Institutions by Artists Project. These works use the surplus production of organizational processes such as “information” and “procedure” to generate art, simultaneously enacting and commenting upon the institution as a malleable phenomenon.

Institutions by Artists Conference 2012

Institutions by Artists was a three day, international event that evaluated and activated the performance and promise of contemporary artist-run centres and initiatives. Convening a world congress of artists, curators, critics, and academics, Institutions by Artists deliberated, explored, and advanced the common interests of artist-run centres, collectives, and cultures, creating a catalyst for new as well as divergent assessments and perspectives on such phenomena today.